1988 15-Year, 1993 20-Year and 1998 25-Year Reunions

1988 -- Our 15-year Reunion was held at the Westlake Holiday Inn on August 27, 1988. It was an informal affair, no dinner, just things to nibble on and a DJ playing all the cool tunes. We produced a slim booklet for that one too, mostly with classmates’ responses to a mailed questionaire. Share photos if you have them please!

1993 -- We met at the Stouffer’s Grand Ballroom downtown to celebrate our 20-year Reunion on August 21, 1993 and 324 of us enjoyed a fancy dinner, mixing, mingling, and dancing. Extra events through the weekend were popular too. Right now we only have one photo from that event (looks like a Harding group), so if you can find some to share, please send them to 1973lhsrangers@gmail.com.

1998 -- 25 years is a real milestone! We gathered at the Terrace Club at Jacob’s Field downtown and what a fun place it was to meet once more! Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dancing and catching up were enjoyed by 230 classmates on July 18, 1998. We provided a booklet with classmate information and had fun at other weekend events also.

1993 - 20-Year Reunion - Stouffer's Grand Ballroom 1998 - Baseball field outside Terrace Club window 1998 - Bonnie, Sarah, Cindy, Steve, Kathy, Alex, Loxi 1998 - Emerson Alums 1998 - Harding Alums 1998 - Kathy, Alyssa, Sue, Ellen, Tom, Guy 1998 - Mary, Loxi, Sarah, Bonnie, Amy 1998 - Scott, Peggy, Marty, Alex 1998 - Terry, Alex, Loxi, Bonnie, Steve; Cindy, Sarah, Kathy, Amy