Hall of Fame

The Class of 1973 is proud to recognize nine members of the LHS Hall of Fame — three members for Athletics and six members as Distinguished Alumni. A digital representation of our Hall of Fame members can be found at https://lakewoodrangers.touchp....

Upon locating a name, click on the image to bring up a short, informative biography. They are so interesting to read! Take a look at the Staff Hall of Fame entries too – they should bring back some memories!

You can see a list that includes graduation years at the bottom of this page: https://lakewoodrangers.com/hall-of-fame.

From the Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation website:

The Lakewood Rangers Education Foundation supports and administers a hall of fame honoring three distinct categories of graduates and staff of the Lakewood City Schools. The Hall of Fame was established to recognize those who, through participation, service or lifetime achievements have helped bring recognition, honor, distinction and excellence to the Lakewood City Schools. Individuals are inducted into the Hall of Fame for their accomplishments in athletics, service as faculty or staff, or by distinguishing themselves as successful adults in their chosen careers and/or serving as benefactors in their local communities, state or the world.

Members of the Class of 1973 in the Lakewood High School Alumni Hall of Fame for Athletics are:

Jamey Baby – Baseball, Basketball - Inducted 1992

Dan Saleet – Football, Basketball - Inducted 1996

Kevin Scanlan – Swimming, Diving - Inducted 2010

Members of the Class of 1973 in the Lakewood High School Alumni Hall of Fame as Distinguished Alumni are:

Bob DiBiasio – Inducted 1999

David Conte – Inducted 2000

Jim Tetlow – Inducted 2001

Glenn Mueller – Inducted 2015

Dean Scarborough – Inducted 2015

Steve Ott – Inducted 2020

Congratulations to all – we are so proud of your accomplishments!