The Committee

Lakewood High Class of 1973 Reunion Committee

  • Lee Mast Girman
  • Cindy Holmes Millen
  • Marty Neal
  • Steve Ott
  • Kathy Troph Ott
  • Bonnie Benedict Reisland
  • Terry Schordock
  • Loxi Groscost Verdova
  • Alex Verdova
  • Sarah Jones Zatik

This small but mighty group of LHS73 classmates is happy to pull together all the parts for a great reunion every five years. We very much appreciate other classmates who have assisted with previous reunions – thank you so much – you know who you are, and you have helped us to get where we are today. Times have changed and we’ve tried to keep up with it all, especially communication. If you want to be on our radar, join our Facebook page, “Lakewood High School Class of 1973,” send contact information to, or track down a classmate who might already be connected. Our goal is to provide an inviting venue for classmates to meet and remember, and to spread the word every five years. Any help you can provide is always appreciated!